Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rally time again?

Wow, Ben said the recession will be over at the end of the year. Oh really, How many times we have heard him said we will be alright 6 month later? From 07 to 09?

Citi said they are making profits in Jan and Feb. So why people still giving these idiots and liar any cred? For God's sake, Citit is at 1 buck. If Citi is so profitable, should it be at 10 now at least?

Too make money in this market, the key is not be believe bullshit.

Again, in bear market, keep looking for better entry to short. And never go long.

The market is on drug. It is all good when it is high.

But when it start to wear off, it will feel like shit real fast.

I am keep saying don't go long in bear market. Only look to unload and reload Short positions. Cause if it goes against you. you are not going to panic. But if you are wrong going long, it will kill you if you don't act fast enough. But, if do you act fast enough it will whipsaw you to death

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