Thursday, April 30, 2009

spx 888

I call this "mliu top"

Insanity and stupidity reached absolutely high. Are people in US still thinking?
We rallied on the news that GDP shrinked the most in 50 years. Now we rallying 30 minute before Obama announce Chrysler go into chapter 11. We rallied weeks after weeks of 600k people losing jobs. And we focused on corps beat the earnings by cost cutting even though the revenue were way down.

It is not cost cutting, it is lay offs. Too much lies, too much idiocrcy. It is not going to end well.

The Chrysler Bankruptcy will be way worse than LEH bankruptcy. Why, cause this one is not just the number in the banks going down. This will bring immediate change in at least 1 million people's everyday life. GM and Chrysler shared many suppliers. This bk might bring many to their knees. Pray to God that I am wrong.

Obama can shed out trillions to save the banks with no strings attached. Even the banksters are paying them big bonus and salarys. But they simply don't want to do much for auto industry. He served well to those financed him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lies can never be Priced in

expected 660,000 range 525,000 to 750,000
Unemployment rate - 8.5% Expected 8.5%

January revision was significant 741,000

How can government data missed by 100k in job loss in a month?? Apparently, this government will not cease to play games on these numbers. China is doing and was doing this for many many years. They are getting better when they are lying less. There is no doubt in my mind, when government lying about the numbers can't be good for whatever reason.

The reason for lying is to cover, when people can't find the truth, it will only make matters worse.

Stock market can price in the numbers by expection, but it can never priced in the lies.