Sunday, March 29, 2009

A lesson for Humanity

Never trust a currency from another country.

China, Japan and Arabs will learn this lesson a hard way.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lies, and more Lies. It is all good when it keep going higher

U.S. Feb new home sales up 4.7% to 337,000 pace
By Greg Robb
Last update: 10:00 a.m. EDT March 25, 2009
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WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - U.S. new home sales rose 4.7% in February, the first increase since last July, the Commerce Department estimated Wednesday. The increase in new-home sales to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 337,000 was well above the 323,000 pace expected by economists surveyed by MarketWatch. New-home sales in January were revised to a 322,000 level compared with the previous estimate of 309,000. New-home sales are still down 41.1% compared with a year ago. The months' supply of homes on the market fell slightly to 12.2 months in February from 12.9 months in January. This is still well above the 9.7 month supply in February 2008. Median sales prices have fallen 18.1% in the past year to $200,900.

Here is the chart from:

Click on this to see larger version.
This told the true story.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't fight the Fed!

Oh boy we hear this again.

How are those peole who keep saying this doing in the past couple of years?

Here is how they did!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Put to Call ratio

The ratio since September:

Intraday ratio:

It has been like this for the past few days.

My take on this is that Pigs is going to get slaughtered AGAIN.

Why do I think so?

1. People are rushing to follow the trend. So market going down, they buy puts. Market gooing up they buy calls. And most of the time they are wrong.

2. PC ratio has consistenly showed that when the ratio reached certain level, it always reverse its direction. When that happens, the market will reverse its direction as well.

Just look at this:

One year chart. I have a lot of thoughts on this, I need more times to finish it. But by just look at this chart. I am pretty convinced that the next opex day, Pigs will get slaughtered.

I can't stop working on this. Here is my thought for the 3 month chart.

Disclaimer: I am a newbie playing the chart. So don't consider this is in any shape or form telling people what is going to happen.

It has 0% investment value. But it intended to has 100% entertainment value.

Got to go, will come back on this later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rally time again?

Wow, Ben said the recession will be over at the end of the year. Oh really, How many times we have heard him said we will be alright 6 month later? From 07 to 09?

Citi said they are making profits in Jan and Feb. So why people still giving these idiots and liar any cred? For God's sake, Citit is at 1 buck. If Citi is so profitable, should it be at 10 now at least?

Too make money in this market, the key is not be believe bullshit.

Again, in bear market, keep looking for better entry to short. And never go long.

The market is on drug. It is all good when it is high.

But when it start to wear off, it will feel like shit real fast.

I am keep saying don't go long in bear market. Only look to unload and reload Short positions. Cause if it goes against you. you are not going to panic. But if you are wrong going long, it will kill you if you don't act fast enough. But, if do you act fast enough it will whipsaw you to death

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama: We are not quitters!

He is actaully telling people that he will not stop keep giving banks, GM, AIG money.

Tim Made it abundantly clear that they will "keep at it" until the economy recovers.

[b]A sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome[/b]

Yes, IMHO, they are insane. Find a cover and duck. This will not end well.