Saturday, January 31, 2009

I don't want to wake up

From the American dream.

Dream on, baby!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Deflation is impossible?

Baby Boomers

If we will have a deflation in the next 10 years. It will mean all baby boomers will be able to sit on their fat butt and enjoy the sun in Florida. Because the Social security check will be way enough with the deflation, Right? hahaha

It is not going to happen. Say whatever you want. It is not going to happen. BB will cost more on medicare and Medicaid. And there are no money for that. If we default on government debt, it will only make things worse and that will make government so much harder to get money. What will they do? Printing!!!
So either we print our way to abyss or we go to abyss through deflation first then print our way to abyss at the end. Either way, it will not end well.

The comming massive Energy surplus

Why we need more energy? We don't have shortage of energy. And we are going to use a whole lot less. Wake up Obama, stop wasting money.

If you can turn Bullshit into energy. CNBS have enough to power USA for the next 25 years.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

spx 900 history?

Continuation triangle. We may not see 900 again. Kind of shocking. hehehe who knows. But I want to call it first.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OK, we are talking about 2,3 trillion dollars now

Let me tell you again even 2,3 trillions will not be enough. Mark my words.

Are we really that stupid?

Tim Geithner you sure it will work? For a J6P like me doubt it. And this j6p think it won't work.

Too much looting going on.

Ken Lewis buying BAC shares. hmm. LOL Fed pump isn't there. And no more rate cut. People tired of govt bailout. Not much option. Saddly bulls fall for it again!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clueless Big O

Obama advisers: Plan would create up to 4.1M jobs

Come on, don't make a big fool of yourself.

Before you even take over the office. You already showed enough that you have no clue. From create 2.5 million jobs to 3 million jobs and now 4.1 million jobs in how long? Do you even know how many jobs we do need? I am sure you don't. If you have no idea what you got into, I suggest you stop talking and sit down think this through first. You want this job, and you better start to learn how to do it right. I will laugh my butt off if 3 month later you come out and tell me that we need 7 million jobs.

Even a dumbass like me know this is going to be tough. And yet all you did were talk and ask for more money to stimulate the economy. I can tell you know the "shovel ready" projects are money burning. To build roads and bridge won't help this country in the long term. Simply put, it won't work. Stop wasting the money. Spend more is the last thing this country need.

Sadly, we are losing job faster than Obama can create job orally. Stop pretending! Face the real challenge. Talk is cheap.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How much will 800 Billion dollars cover.

Lets see.

FHLB, FDIC, SIPC, PBGC. All on the brink of bankruptcy.
And don't forget the States. How much will it cost to bail them out?

We will find out soon.

So are we going to use 800 billions to build the roads or use to bail them out?
Or just run the printing press?

What does "It is already priced in" really mean?

I am pretty sure it does not mean we should go higher now. At best it should mean, let's hold at here and see what will happen.

It really does not mean go up 20% if everything already priced in. Cause there will be a whole lot more comming that the market will have to reprice.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is so 2008!

People are still saying: It is the housing gets us here, and it will be housing to get us out?

Or really? Do they mean that many retailers shuting down does not count? and millions of those people losing jobs does not count?

BTW, how can the housing gets us out again?

How about -1% interest on mortgage loan? Yea, making money on mortgage.
Maybe we can start with 0 down and 0% interest for 15 years. Trust me, I will go out buy 10 houses, if that will happen.

Will Government "Gurantee" bleed US govt to death

Paulson said it is problematic. Oh, is it?

Wonder what will Obama see when he open that treasury chest.

I am sure it is not gold inside of it.