Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Randi Rhodes radio show

Geez, I have listened her radio show almost everyday in 05, 06 and part of 07. Agreed with her wholeheartedly. Now I found her simply a party hack. Sad shit.

Come on stop bitching about Palin, Alberto. Do you fucking know they are history already? You bitched about bush every freaking day about lying and broke this law and that law. How about now?

Randi you don't know how economy works. stop pretending. I am so sorry to say that you will lose all the credibility you have built in the past many years.

Smooth transition

Does people still remember that some people worried about the transition from bush to obama might not be smooth?

To everyone's surprise, it went smoothly. As a matter of fact, too smooth to believe. Why?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got banned from Mike Malloy's MB

Here is the list of my post.

Gee, what a bunch of idiots. I am glad that I don't have to waste my time to educate them anymore.

I am surprised how many bitched about my posts. I have posted a lot of news piece and thoughts about what is really going on. They summarized my posts as: 90% of it's bitching. and Every post is the same. Yet after I ask them repeatedly to quote my post and prove it. None of them can. That does not surprise me. Cause all idiots can do are simply make accusation and never be able to prove it. That is very typical for dumbass.

I knew I could get banned. Played nice with them though. One poster called me ranting idiots, racist but she got away with it. And I did not. Before I left I told them that the health care system won't be this great forever, don't ever think they have job security because they are working in that sector. And I told them the people in their retirement or will be in their retirement better know what is really going on and do something to protect the nest egg. I told them Obama might not last 4 years. People might ran him out before he finish his term for lying. None of them liked it. That is the reason they ran me out. That is fine with me. I told those fools man times before "time is my friend". Because I know time will prove that I am right.

The reality will teach them a real hard lesson. I am pretty sure it. They had time to be prepared. And I was willing to help them if they have any questions about what is going on in the financial world. But they simply dumb and stupid enough to reject everything I said.

They hated me because I was a messenger, I gave them the message they don't want to hear. They are a bunch most selfish and ungrateful idiots.
Acebass drove me out two mbs already. Because I was telling them obama is lying. I was a hardcore Democrats, I told them that they are not democratic enough. Cause all they got nothing of what they really wanted. Yet they dare to call me a republican. Fuck the parties. They are all stupid. DavidNM is such a selfish bastard. Wife works in health care sector and want everyone to pay more tax to support his fucking life style. He will get nothing. I am telling you now. So is acebass, both will lose their living in that sector. Oh yea and david, truthie will lose their retirement money as well. Either pension or 401k and don't forget their Social security. All that will be worthless. Look it is not that I am bitter about what they said about me. It is simply the message I was trying to get to them at the very beginning. I simply trying to wake up few sheeples. As a matter of fact I enjoy to be banned. Because I tell what it is and what it might be. Time will prove if I am right or wrong.

And I will come back revisit this later. One day I will give em a a fucking big bird. and a, OH,Yea, Mliu TOLD YOU SO!

P.S. Those idiots think write to BHO will change anything. That is the most stupid thing. Have them see enough that they don't give a damn? Have them been food enough? I guess not. stupid do what stupid does. like acebass said. Only that she does not know she is one who totally has no clue. Let mother nature teach her the lesson.

BTW, last time I was banned from RRMB, it went belly up short after. hmmm... Tom you are an idiot. You probably laughed my: this time the end is really near. And you will see what I mean one day.

California pension should be paid in IOU

Since they are not working and they are the part of reason why we are at here.

Why we pay some of the retirees half a million for doing nothing. Give em IOUs and they can wait.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Unemployeement Pictures

What will the new number going to show us this summer. Will it take a huge jump? It should, unless the government want to lie about unemployment numbers. Which will not surprise me at all at this point.

They might not count those who will graduate this summer. If our government take the right and correct way to calculate the real unemployment numbers. It should have a big spike. 80% to 95% of the student out of school and joining the labor force this summer will find nothing is out there for them to take. At least 50% of Retirees should find them can not afford it after the tankage in the stock market.

Many small business owner find their income are as little as 10% of what they made last year. And small business still is a big part of the economy. The line of credit disappeared or disappearing. It means no money to hire or even keep the people they have. I already found the price of the food are going higher and higher. The shops are raising price to compensate the revenue loss. How long can this last? I don't know. But it will be good at the end.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

spx 888

I call this "mliu top"

Insanity and stupidity reached absolutely high. Are people in US still thinking?
We rallied on the news that GDP shrinked the most in 50 years. Now we rallying 30 minute before Obama announce Chrysler go into chapter 11. We rallied weeks after weeks of 600k people losing jobs. And we focused on corps beat the earnings by cost cutting even though the revenue were way down.

It is not cost cutting, it is lay offs. Too much lies, too much idiocrcy. It is not going to end well.

The Chrysler Bankruptcy will be way worse than LEH bankruptcy. Why, cause this one is not just the number in the banks going down. This will bring immediate change in at least 1 million people's everyday life. GM and Chrysler shared many suppliers. This bk might bring many to their knees. Pray to God that I am wrong.

Obama can shed out trillions to save the banks with no strings attached. Even the banksters are paying them big bonus and salarys. But they simply don't want to do much for auto industry. He served well to those financed him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lies can never be Priced in

expected 660,000 range 525,000 to 750,000
Unemployment rate - 8.5% Expected 8.5%

January revision was significant 741,000

How can government data missed by 100k in job loss in a month?? Apparently, this government will not cease to play games on these numbers. China is doing and was doing this for many many years. They are getting better when they are lying less. There is no doubt in my mind, when government lying about the numbers can't be good for whatever reason.

The reason for lying is to cover, when people can't find the truth, it will only make matters worse.

Stock market can price in the numbers by expection, but it can never priced in the lies.