Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Big 3 Bail out is all about?

All these big 3 bail out shows are more political than economical.
It is not about Big 3. It is about who will be the one to get balmed for the action or no action.
Bail or not bail really does not matter. Not bail them, they will bk now. Bail them, they will be bk few month later. But the one makes the decision will get blamed no matter what he chose to do.
All bush, hank want is to push this to the next president. That is why some people are suggestions to just give big 3 some money now. Dems will not do it. Because that will just hand this problem to Obama. Dems want bush and Hank to make the decision now. Right now the question is: can GM wait that long? Who knows. Nobody trust those guys anymore.
Dems want Hank to use the tarp money so that bush admin viewed as the one bailed Big 3. Some want to give big 3 a few billions now. Then the problem will belongs to Obama.

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