Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping malls are running on empty

I have been telling my friends that many many Mom and Pa shops will close right after Christmas.

Why, cause they don't have enough cash or enough business to last one day longer after the Xmas. They can't even get a loan to keep on going.

What worse is that many bankrupted retailers will liquidate their inventories. Where will the shoppers go? They will shop whereever gives more discount. Why shop at 15% discount shop while circuit city is having 50% off. or Mervyns or Linens 'n Things.

I bought some suff in Linens 'n Things at deep discount. I will get much worst in spring. You can count on it.,0,6965079.story

Ko's company manages dozens of properties in Los Angeles and Orange counties. In recent months, they've experienced a rise in delinquent renters. One plaza in Rowland Heights has been hampered by a closure, an upcoming eviction and a business for sale."It was at 100% occupancy just half a year ago," Ko said.A bad situation threatens to get worse after the holidays.Christmas is always a key driver of merchants' financial success, but this year it could mean life and death for many stores, analysts say.Struggling businesses typically hang on through the holiday and then evaluate their financial position, said Malachy Kavanagh, a spokesman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, an industry trade group.

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