Wednesday, February 18, 2009


He has no right to force me to pay for my next door neighbor's marble counter top and new car.

My next door neighbor bought his house the same time I bought mine. In the same 8 years. I was working my tail off to pay off my house. While my next door neighbor refied and remodeled his kitchen with marble counter top and bought brand new Car and RV. He paid 200k+ in 1999 and now his loan is about 450k. And also I have two Classmates who bought the first house at the same time when I bought mine. two years ago, both of them bought their second house(McMansions). So if they can't pay for it. I will pitch in too? Just because I am responsible, I will be penalized?

Now, I have to pay for them???? Fuck you!!! And fuck them!!! And fuck this fucking freemarket.

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