Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clueless Big O

Obama advisers: Plan would create up to 4.1M jobs

Come on, don't make a big fool of yourself.

Before you even take over the office. You already showed enough that you have no clue. From create 2.5 million jobs to 3 million jobs and now 4.1 million jobs in how long? Do you even know how many jobs we do need? I am sure you don't. If you have no idea what you got into, I suggest you stop talking and sit down think this through first. You want this job, and you better start to learn how to do it right. I will laugh my butt off if 3 month later you come out and tell me that we need 7 million jobs.

Even a dumbass like me know this is going to be tough. And yet all you did were talk and ask for more money to stimulate the economy. I can tell you know the "shovel ready" projects are money burning. To build roads and bridge won't help this country in the long term. Simply put, it won't work. Stop wasting the money. Spend more is the last thing this country need.

Sadly, we are losing job faster than Obama can create job orally. Stop pretending! Face the real challenge. Talk is cheap.

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